Game 7 Recap - Suns season over

Game 7 Recap - Suns season over

By John Doe

Hello friends today i am talking about Phoenix plays the Lakers in the final game of the regular season homestand.

The first one was in October, and is the initial Suns victory of the season with a dominant 23-point and 14-assist performance by Chris Paul.

The Suns have a 2-0 record in the Season game against the Lakers to date with both wins of double-digits at home.

In December the team was led by Booker who was the leader of the team with 24 points as well as 9 rebounds and seven assists. Ayton scored 19 points along with 11 boards.

In both games Lebron James has played an important player for both the Lakers game

scoring his 25-point performance in the opening game and 34 points in the subsequent.

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