NBA Draft Board: Duke’s AJ Griffin

NBA Draft Board: Duke’s AJ Griffin

By John Doe

Hello friends today i am talking about As we approach the 2022 NBA Draft, we're breaking down the top 15 potential players from the class. The 2022 NBA Draft

the Oklahoma City Thunder possess two players on the lottery.

PROFILE: Perhaps the most effective shooter in the class, the wing's 6-foot-6 shot nearly 50% of his attempts at 3-points in the last season.

Strengths  Perimeter shooting is more important than ever in the current NBA which means Griffin could be among the most influential players in this league.

While he's not a conventional shot due to his broad base but he was able to convert on triples of all kinds in his last season at Duke.

Griffin also has an average wingspan of 7 feet which is an advantage for any player who will spend a lot of time in the edge.

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