Marvel Adds Gargantos to 'Doctor Strange'

Marvel Adds Gargantos to 'Doctor Strange'

Gargantos will stop at nothing to control the multiverse and is ready to wreak havoc on the puzzle board

Marvel just announced that said giant slimy eyeball, better known as Gargantos, will be joining the expansive roster of phone puzzle game Marvel Puzzle Quest.

“Hailing from a realm outside our understanding, the tentacled monster Gargantos poses a threat to the safety of our universe.

Gargantos flails his great arms, wreaking havoc on everything around him. At the start of the turn

Tentacle Teeth – 8 AP Gargantos grabs and crushes his enemies with his tentacle arms.

Ineffable Horror – 9 AP It takes a strong will to comprehend Gargantos’ true nature.

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