Emma Raducanu Now earn millions after US Open win

Emma Raducanu Now earn millions after US Open win

By Manish Arora

Hello friends today i am talking about Emma Raducanu in last  she earn prize money received for her title was $2.5m (PS1.8m)

That is too much huged huge sum compared to the $303,000 she earned in her previous career.

And marketing experts believe she will make even more money, as brands queue up to get off-court deals.

And recently Raducanu already has a Nike shoe and clothing sponsorship and Wilson racquet sponsorship.

Nigel Currie, a marketing and sponsorship consultant, said that Raducanu could earn similar amounts to female

Currie said that the timing of the success of the teenager was perfect due to Serena Williams' retirement.

Mr Currie stated that two sponsorship agreements are typical for an unranked player. However, the next round of deals that the new British number one negotiates with Nike and Adidas will be "absolutely enormous".

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