Austin Butler Is the King of Cannes

Austin Butler Is the King of Cannes

By Manish Arora

Hello friends today i am talking about Austin Butler is still struggling to breathe from the intense experience he had playing Elvis Presley

but the air is that salty French sea breeze that is a part of the Cannes Film Festival, and it appears to be working for him.

The route of Luhurmann's Elvis to Cannes was a long and winding one. It was laid out over four years.

It was the pre- and mid-pandemic time frames that sent Butler down an incredibly Elvis rabbit hole.

That's what I experienced when I was done with Elvis--not having a clue about what I

The tribute to Elvis's style could lead to costume-related issues with the flick the blue suede slipper however Butler has been keeping the style to a high standard.

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