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Hello students who are looking for Vikash Ranjan sociology notes pdf fo upsc civil service IAS exam this pdfs are shared by triumph IAS who are preparing for mains and your optional subject in sociology then defently material will be for you

In this post here we are sharing you post of Vikas ranjan sociology notes pdf.

here you can download complete triumph IAS vikash ranjan sociology option notes pdf

Triumph IAS Vikash Ranjan Content

Perspectives on the Study of Indian Society
(a) lndology (G. S. Ghurye)
(b) Structural functionalism (M. N. Srinivas)
(c) Marxist sociology (A.R. Desai)

  1. Impact of colonial rule on Indian society
    (a) Social background of Indian nationalism
    (b) Modernization of Indian tradition
    (c) Protests and movements during the colonial period and Social reforms.
  2. Rural and Agrarian Social Structure
    (a} The idea of Indian village and village studies
    (b) Agrarian social structure – evolution of land tenure system, land reforms.
  3. Caste System
    (a) Perspective on the study of caste systems: G.S. Ghurye, M. N. Srinivas,
    Louis Dumont, Andre Beteille.
    (b) Features of caste system,
    (c) Untouchability: Forms and Perspectives.
  4. Tribal Communities in India
    (a) Definitional problems
    (bl Geographical spread
    (c) Colonial policies and tribes
    (d) Issues of integration and autonomy.
  5. Socia! Classes in India
    (a) Agrarian class structure
    (b) Industrial class structure
    (c) Middle classes in India.
  6. Systems of Kinship ln India
    (a) Types of kinship systems
    (b} Family and marriage in India
    {c) Household dimensions of the family
    (d) Lineage and decent in India
    (e) Patr’iarchy, entitlements and sexual division of Jabour.
  7. Religion and Society
    (a) Problems of religious minorities
    {b) Religious communities in India


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