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Hello friends today i am sharing with you about All Of Us Are Dead it is Netflix drama web series. that will be release on 28 january 2022. A high school in Korea is under attack and the enemy (read in plural for impact) is straight out of folklore: zombies. directed by Lee Jae-Kyu, Kim Nam-Soo. and main lead role Lee Yoo-mi, Kyoo-hyung Lee, Jeon Bae-soo

Lee Yoo-mi Na Yeon
Yoon Chan-youngLee Cheong-san
Park Ji-HooNam On-jo
Cho Yi-hyunChoi Nam-Ra 
Park SolomonLee Soo-hyeok
Yoo In-SooYoon Gwi-Nam
Lee Eun-SaemPark Mi-Jin
Ha Seung-RiJang Ha-Ri
Kim Bo-YoonSeo Hyo-Ryung
Ahn Seung-KyoonOh Joon-Young
Jin Ho-EunJang Min-Jae
Ahn Ji-HoKim Cheol-Soo
Shin Jae-HwiChang-Hoon
Kim Jin-YoungKim Ji-Min

Yoon Chan-Young

Yoon Chan-Young
Park Ji-Hu
Park Ji-Hu

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All Of Us Are Dead Shooting Location

The East Asian nation is located on the southern part of the Korean peninsular and is well-known for its beautiful high-tech cities, sub-tropical islands, and beautiful countryside. 


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